In Los Angeles, the criminals kidnapped the actor and 30 hours kept him naked in the bath, demanding money

Another high-profile crime was solved in California. It became known that in Los Angeles, in may of this year, three people were kidnapped actor Joseph Capone and his colleague Daisy McCracken. The attackers demanded from their victims ransom, and in order that they quickly agreed to pay, completely stripped the man and left him lying in the cold tub. There he spent 30 hours.

In Los Angeles, the criminals kidnapped the actor and 30 hours kept him naked in the bath, demanding money
The gang made Joseph Capone (pictured — far right) to strip naked and lie down in the tub, hold it there for 30 hours. Photo: twitter

According to investigators, in may a gang of three men broke into the home of actress Daisy McCracken. They attacked the girl and the presence there of Joseph Capone. The man hit the pistol, which he lost consciousness. Further, the victims put on the head bags and put in the car, and then taken to the home of one of the attackers.

Upon arrival, the gang forced the man to strip naked and lie down in the tub. The actor was in that position for almost 30 hours, without food and water. All this time the criminals demanded from the stolen people’s money. Then two of the attackers forced Daisy McCracken to sit in the car and drove her to the nearby town.

They said that if the actress did not immediately write checks in the amount of $10 thousand, then Capone would be killed. In the end, the threats worked on the girl, and she paid the ransom. Removing the money in several banks, the kidnappers took the girl back. The police believe that the attackers were not going to limit myself to just $10 thousand.

Later, having caught the moment, McCracken managed to escape from criminals and immediately called the police. Arriving officers freed the hostageand detained two bandits. Third party some time later he was arrested in the city centre of Inglewood. This moment caught on video and was posted online.

Actress Daisy McCracken known for the horror film «Halloween: Resurrection».

According to cops, Joseph Capone and his girlfriend Daisy McCracken kept very safely. Separately they noted the brave actions of the actress, which, in fact, saved them both. The attackers were Kate Andre Stewart, Jonte Jones and amber NiAl. They were charged with kidnapping, assault with a firearm and attempting to sell drugs. As it turned out, the bandits found a large consignment of amphetamine.

For all of the above crimes criminal group is threatened with life imprisonment.