The Houston rapist has violated his PAROLE and was again in jail

Today, July 17, in a car chase was caught a serial killer and rapist Jose Gilberto Rodriguez, the suspect in the Commission of new crimes.

42-year-old Rodriguez was released on PAROLE in September 2017, the last time it was noted by the police in December. A few days ago a man was removed from a device of surveillance that had to wear on parole. During this time in Houston (Harris County, Texas) was committed 3 murders, an armed attack on the bus driver, as well as burglary. Police suspicions first fell on Rodriguez. Whether he is guilty — will show a consequence.

Art Acevedo, the chief of police of Houston, ed Gonzalez, Sheriff of Harris County, which was made with those offences at a joint press conference said that Rodriguez is a threat to society. In Twitter Sheriff Harris noted that «this man should be removed from the city immediately.»

Let’s get this man off the street to soon as possible.

— Chief Art Acevedo (@ArtAcevedo) July 17, 2018

Several hours later, after the conference, Jose Gilberto Rodriguez was arrested. Now he is in the Eldridge (Fallbrook).

The results of the investigation will be published on the official website of the office of the Sheriff of Harris County, as well as in social networks.