Ohio 6-month-old girl choked to death in car from heat

The tragedy happened on 15 June in the city of Medina, 48 kilometres from Cleveland (Ohio). Six-month-old girl died after spending locked in the car 2.5 hours.

In that day in the city was 40-degree heat. Police found the child in the car, standing in Ray Mellert Park. Unconscious child was taken to hospital, however to rescue to its doctors could not.

The police Department Medina, together with the coroner investigating the death of the girl. District attorney Forrest Thompson spoke with representatives of the authorities, however, awaits the results of the investigation, which could take several weeks.

New information about the tragedy has not yet been reported.

Victims of heat in a confined space becomes reconditionarea a lot of people around the world. So, in the US, it is the 24th case of death of child in car since the beginning of the year. We have previously reported that tn in a locked car killed 3-year-old child.