Lyft driver was a serial rapist illegal

Official representatives of the transport company Lyft said that their assistants are conducting an investigation against one of the drivers, 36-year-old Orlando Vilchez Lazo. Law enforcement San Francisco (California) man accused in 4 rapes and illegally crossing the U.S. border. Now his employers are trying to figure out how an illegal alien has passed a test of their security.

Vilchez Lazo was arrested last week after police got evidence of his involvement in a series of rapes. The details of the crime is unclear, because the investigation continues today. However, it is known that several women identified the Lyft driver a man who outraged over them. When the police began to check the documents of the offender, found: Lazo is in the U.S. illegally.

Lyft driver was a serial rapist illegal

Vilchez Lazo was arrested last week after police got evidence of his involvement in a series of rapes. Photo: twitter

Representatives from Immigration and customs enforcement (ICE) stated that even if the involvement of the attacker to the rape is not proven, he in any case faces deportation to his homeland. However, a spokesman for Sheriff of San Francisco Nancy Crowley believes that a man will have to serve his sentence in a Federal prison. For the crimes committed by the illegal alien faces life in prison. Now he is waiting for the first trial while under arrest.

Representatives of Lyft, in turn, deny that the man committed the crimes while on duty. According to them, at the moment there is no evidence that Lazo had used the work of the transport company to search for their victims.

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At the same time, Immigration and customs enforcement accused the authorities of San Francisco in creating the dangerous situation in the region for granting asylum to illegal immigrants. According to representatives of ICE, thanks to this policy, many criminals have the opportunity to avoid punishment for their crimes. Criticism of the Federal service on the authorities of San Francisco sounds not for the first time.

Previously, we wrote about the fact that the court admitted illegal immigrant is innocent in the murder of US citizen, Catherine Steinle. President Donald trump reacted very negatively to this decision, calling it «shameful.»