In the U.S., the Bank robber used baby as human shield

Law enforcement agencies in Texas was able to prevent a robbery at one of Bank branches Bank of America, located in the city of Murphy. However, before police detained the suspect, they had seriously nervous. The fact is that trying to escape from the scene, the woman used a small child as a human shield.

In the afternoon, 36-year-old Evelyn Misumi went to the Bank of America office. In her hands she held two cans: gas and gasoline. The woman threw on the floor of the container with flammable liquid, and said he was going to Rob the Bank, demanding the staff to give her all the cash. In case of disobedience, the criminal threatened to burn the building.

Bank employees did not panic and was able to use the panic button. After a few minutes on a scene there has arrived police. Officers were reluctant to use weapons, because, according to them, a direct threat to others was not. The robber, upon seeing law enforcement agencies, tried to escape from the scene. She jumped out and ran up to his car, pulled out his small child. At this point the police realized that the situation begins to spiral out of control.

According to eyewitnesses, the woman asked the officers to keep a distance. Otherwise, the intruder promised to hurt the child. Police some time distracting Misumi, while their colleague approached the woman from behind. At some point, he rushed back to the shoplifter and pinned her with her child. Soon to help the officer came the other cops, taking hostages and neutralizing the criminal.

Now law enforcement bodies find out, what does Evelyn Misumi has a small child who was in her car. The involuntary participant of the crime was taken for a checkup at Children’s medical center Murphy, to make sure that he was not injured. As for the failed criminals, she was placed in County jail. The woman was charged with robbery and child endangerment.

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