They can stay alive for 9 out of 11 family members died in a sunken boat

Three generations of the family Colmans from Indianapolis went to the annual family vacation, which for most of them was the last.

According to Kyrie, rose, the wife of one of the family members, «they were a very close-knit, loving family». For a few minutes before to get on the ill-fated boat in Branson (Missouri), they did a group photo in which all eleven Tolmasov looked very happy.

Retweeted Steve Lookner (@lookner):

Absolutely terrible. This is a photo of the Coleman family before they got on the duck boat in Missouri. Only two of them survived.

(from WTHR)

— Bill Williams (@BillWillWorship) July 21, 2018

According to the witness of the events, shortly after the picture they realized that they don’t buy tickets on that ship. Then family members decided to get tickets to the «duck boat», which later capsized and sank in the waters of table Rock lake.

«Of the 11 only two survived – this is me and my nephew, told WXIN-TV grieving TIA Thomas-Coleman. – I lost all his children, my brother-in-law».

Among the seventeen victims, nine were members of the Coleman family, including one-year-old girl.

«The last thing I heard is the cry of my daughter-in-law: «Grab the baby!»» – told TIA about the last minutes of the lives of most of their relatives.

«I was yelling, screaming, and finally said to myself «Lord just let me die, let me die, I can’t sink,» said the woman KOZL-TV. And then I just let go of the situation and began to rise to the surface. I felt that the water temperature increased, and I began to warm up».

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Branson duck boat tragedy survivor Tia Coleman describes what she thought would be her final moments on earth.

She lost nine family members including her husband and children. #DuckBoatTragedy

Austin Kellerman (@AustinKellerman) July 21, 2018

According to the woman on the boat had life vests, but captain Robert Williams before the tragedy said that they do not need.

The wife of the dead captain, whom everyone called Bob, Judy told me that the man loved to meet new people on your work.

«My husband was a man of God. He talked to them, told CNN the wife of Robert. – He influenced many lives. He’d give up your life for someone.»

Williams was an assistant pastor at King’s Cathedral in Providence (state of Rhode island), say close.

In total, the tragedy survived 14 people – less than half of the passengers and crew.