In the closet of one of the apartments of new York found wrapped in a sheet female body

Police in Brooklyn are investigating the mysterious death of 58-year-old Kaymary tain.

Residents of a quiet house in Prospect Lefferts Gardens was stunned to learn that their neighbor was found dead in the closet of your own bedroom, wrapped in a sheet.

«I live in building 5 years. And for the first time see the police,» reported WABC living in this LCD , Againis gene.

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Posted by Kyimar Thein on Saturday, September 20, 2014

As told CBS2 friends Kaymary she worked the night shift at the medical center of SUNY Downstate and loved his profession. According to colleagues, the last days, the woman did not show up for work, and that they were alarmed.

«The sister tried to contact her a few days later — told CBS2 neighbor of the deceased Rodney white. — She came here and probably got in touch with the landlord. They called a locksmith to open the door and come inside».

«It is very sad that this situation has occurred. We shocked the whole area is shaken. She is a very calm and a good woman,» said the neighbor.

Two colleagues killed on condition of anonymity, told CBS2that sometimes the deceased passed his shelter in the sublease to the staff and, perhaps, she had a problem with one of them. However, in the police Department of new York (New York City Police Department) this information is not confirmed.

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Whether the death was Kaymary Thein murder, suicide or accident — will show investigation. The cause of death will soon determine a medical expert.