The company that owns the sunken «duck boat» warned about the dangerous defects in the design of the boat

A tragic accident that occurred July 19 in the city of Branson (Missouri), according to an employee of a private firm Test Drive Technologiesis not a Fluke. It turned out that the inspection company in 2017 warned the owner of the tourist boat «duck boat» on defects in the design of the vehicle.

Steve Paulis head of the TDT, confirmed the words of the inspector. He said that last summer the company Ripley Entertainment, exploiting the above-mentioned boats, has issued a written report which discussed the potential threat. The paper reported that there is a real danger of flooding «duck boat» if there are any disturbances on the water.

This conclusion experts have made, based on a similar tragedy in 1999. Then a similar case in Arkansas has claimed the lives of 13 people. The main shortcomings mentioned features of the structure of the roof of the vehicle, an unreliable engine and problems in pumps for pumping water. However, the owner of the boat ignored the warning.

The current tragedy occurred on Thursday, July 19. From-for sharp deterioration of weather «duck boat» capsized and quickly sank. Many of the people in the boat are unable to get out of the trap. In total, killed 17 people, 9 of whom are members of the same family. Among them young children.

However, Ripley Entertainment’s claim that all boats are operated by the company, was created «from scratch», under the supervision of experts from the U.S. Coast guard (USCG). Representatives of the firm say: in 40 years of work, tragedies like they never happened.

On the other hand, experts also point to the fact that the owner of the boats not treated with due attention to the warning the National weather service (NWS), which was informed of the impending deterioration in the weather.