Rapper Tekashi69 beaten, robbed and kidnapped

On Saturday, July 21, rap artist Daniel Hernandez, also known as Tekashi69 and 6ix9ine, got into trouble. The rapper has managed to describe the colors in the past, law enforcement has also provided official information.

At five o’clock in the morning 22-year-old Hernandez has returned from filming the video in Brooklyn. At the traffic stop in his car a Chevy Tahoe crashed into another car. Got out 2 armed men robbed the driver of Hernandez’s phone and striking rapper handle a gun, dragged him to his car. The musician was asked to go to his house, which at that time were his wife and daughter, and to give all the money and jewels in exchange for life.

The robbers drove up to the mansion Tekashi69 and forced his wife out of the house all the valuable property, which she did. At this time the rapper was holding a gun on the third offender. With a $15-20 thousand in cash and jewelry to $750 thousand, the robbers did not bother to release the hostage, determined to take with them. However Tekashi69 managed to move out of the car. Criminals prefer not to go back behind him and disappeared.

Tekashi69 stopped a passing car and asked the driver for help. He called an ambulance and he was hospitalized. Now a man’s life is not in danger, he is undergoing tests.

Recently there was a resonant murder of the rap star XXXTentacion. A second suspect was also arrested.