Parents said marriage is «no» — the lovers decided to kill them

Police in Oklahoma have charged 2 teenagers in a criminal conspiracy: the lovers decided to murder his family Nouveau «Juliet», which was against their marriage. 18-year-old Zachary Sliger and his 15-year-old lover conspired to kill her parents and older sister, hindering their happiness, and escape.

July 20, after midnight, Zachary had armed himself with a pistol and was found with his girlfriend at her house while all the house slept. The girl also had a gun.

Police: Teen couple plotted to kill parents so they could be together

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As later told the Lincoln County Sheriff Charlie Dougherty, a guy walked into my parents ‘ bedroom and shot his father, but missed and hit the pillow. Then he directed the muzzle on the mother of his sweetheart and shot her in the face. After the incident, the girl told Zachary to go home until she can figure out how to explain a night attack. Now her mother is in the hospital in critical condition, but doctors hope for the best.

«We are prepared for anything, but we continue to be amazed every day. I work here 38 years and never heard about anything like that,» said the Sheriff.

Lovers of the attackers was arrested. On the spot the police found one of the instruments of the crime.

Zachary Kiharu can bring charges of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder, attempted murder and causing bodily harm with the use of dangerous weapons.

His bride will stand trial in the same articles, but as a minor.