Greece in flames: the fire claimed 60 lives, people are dying in each other’s arms

The largest in the last 10 years fire disaster in Greece took the lives of 60 people, more than 150 were wounded. The country declared a state of emergency, the government called on the European Union.

The fire spread at once in 3 directions from Athens. Many tourists and local residents seeking refuge from the fire in the sea, and those who are trapped, and — dying in each other’s arms.

Tragedy in #Greece — the sheer horror of deadly wildfires. #fires #Greece

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The majority of victims (26) were found in the yard of the Villa in the seaside village of Mati — popular among the Greeks the place of pensioners and children, who are sent here to camp. Victims caught in a hellish trap, although the sea was only a few meters.

«They tried to break through. But, unfortunately, these people and their children did not. Instinctively, feeling the end approaching, they embraced,» — said the head of the mission of the red cross in Greece Nikos Economopoulos.

Villager Costas Cucumis admitted the BBC, which witnessed the most shocking scenes in his life.

«What is happening here in East Attica — hell. Passing by hundreds of burning cars and houses, I got to the yard, where police found many of the victims, says the shocked man. — I saw some of them lying on the ground… and the air was heavy with the pungent smell».

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To help many travelers came coastal patrol boats and private vessels. Hundreds of persons were taken to a safe place.

Were mobilized emergency services in the country of Greece, however, their strength was not enough. Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras appealed to other EU countries. Italy, Germany, Poland and France have already sent to the aid of their aircraft, vehicles and firefighters.

«Everyone should remain calm and try to protect the most precious — human life, — said Tsipras. — Property, material values can be recovered. Human life is that it is impossible to return».

The last fire of this magnitude had overtaken Greece in 2007. Then in the South of the Peloponnese Peninsula in the fire killed dozens of people.