In Brooklyn yacht party leaked 500 gallons of sewage

Sunday in the area of Red hook has been unpleasant for local residents and the environment, the incident with the yacht Avalon in canal, the buttermilk was drained 500 gallons (1892,71 liters) of wastewater. It happened at about midnight. The volume of water caught in the mud can be equated to 300 thefts of the toilet tank.

The local people are incredibly angered by this incident. Thus, the 31-year-old resident of Red Hook , Kathleen Murphy noted that the local waters are rich in fish and asks a reasonable question: «…do you think that fish will do, I stumbled on this waste? Try to eat them!» Accordingly, the woman says, «because of such polluted fish, we’ll get sick».

According to the BoatUS Foundation, human waste is forbidden to discharge in internal waters or within 3 miles (4.8 km) from shore.

Information about the yacht avalon is on two sites, specializing in cruises and parties on the water. Thus, according to the web site of the Marco Polo Cruises, 100-fotoviva yacht Avalon is able to take on Board about 200 guests. It has an open deck with «artificial grass» and the dance floor. The owners said that this incident is not one of them: «avalon has been up for about two years, so it’s not about us.»

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On the website Prestige Yacht Charters has information on 80-foot avalon with a «one of a kind interior,» which will give guests «the feeling of your own private floating nightclub». But here «disowned» from the sink waste water. Company President David Hakert said Prestige Yacht Charters «does not own or does not control the boat» and «has nothing to do with the incident».

Officials as the U.S. coast guard (US Coast Guard)and state Department of environmental protection (state Department of Environmental Conservation) has reacted to Sunday’s incident.