Arrested for assault a man was a known member of MS-13

Well-known member of the gang MS-13 were arrested in a case involving an attack on a man in Manorhaven.

According to the police Department of Nassau County (NCPD), a member of the gang MS-13, living in the same area where the incident occurred, was arrested on suspicion of beating a 54-year-old man on long island. According to police, Christopher Aguilar, also known as «Oso», approached the victim and hit her in the face with a glass bottle of beer. When he fell for the ground, the suspect again struck the man a blow.

The victim had bruises and abrasions. CCA wounds were minor, so the man refused medical assistance.

As a result of a thorough investigation revealed that Aguilar is a well-known member of the gang MS-13.

Man accused of assault in the second degree. The representative of the NCPD said he could not comment on the status of the case and the place of Aguilar in the gang.

8 members of the gang MS-13 was premysleni charges in three murders, among other things, they were engaged in drug trafficking and racketeering.