A new DNA test helped identify another victim of the September 11 attacks

The remains of 26-year-old man, who died during the fall of the towers September 11, was identified using an advanced DNA test.

Bureau of legal medicine failed to establish the identity 1 642-y the victims of the tragedy that occurred nearly 17 years ago – when members of the terrorist organization «al-Qaeda» captured aircraft and crashed into the world trade center towers in Lower Manhattan. A DNA test has shown that the remains belong to a financial analyst Scott Michael Johnson, who worked on the 89th floor of the South tower in the company of Keefe, Bruyette & Woods, specializing in investment banking.

[NYDailyNews] 9/11 victim identified nearly 17 years after terror attacks https://t.co/oUXDUWst6T pic.twitter.com/F0HKaRfVXN

— News for New Yorkers (@NewYorkCityOBN) July 25, 2018

Since 2001, a group of medical experts dozens of times trying to determine who owns the bone recovered from the wreckage of the world trade center. Using more modern methods, they were able to extract DNA and compare it with the database, containing 17 thousand samples of the victims and relatives.

Scott’s DNA was compared with a sample from his toothbrush, and then samples from the parents.

«We took a commitment to the families of the victims that we will do whatever is necessary, and as long as it is needed to identify their loved ones,» said chief medical examiner Dr. Barbara Sampson.

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«When you meet families who hug and thank you, it emotionally connects you to them and really helps in the quest to improve this process,» said mark Desair, assistant Director of forensic biology in the office.

The mother and father Scott, and Ann and Tom Johnson, whose daughter is admitted that for them it was a very long wait.

«Somehow I always imagined he’d just go and say: «Here I am. I had amnesia»», – told the New York Times the mother of the deceased.

However, the remains of other 1111 of the 2753 victims, whose identity has not yet been set, are a real challenge for specialists. According to Desire, a large part of the DNA of the victims of September 11, people were destroyed by fire, heat or jet fuel.