Bride stabbed groom steak knife, suspecting treason

Rescue Colorado springs got a call from 31-year-old Jacqueline Susa. The woman was screaming that her fiancé required «emergency medical care».

Arriving at the address 6310 Cabana Circle, officers found in the kitchen of the bloodied man in an unconscious state. They found 33-year-old Brandon Watkins is a veteran of the U.S. army who served in Iraq. Near his body, on the kitchen table, there was a steak knife. Police immediately suspected the bride in the murder of the groom, so arrested her at the scene.

Police in Colorado Springs claim a bride-to-be stabbed her fiancé to death after an argument about inviting his old flame to their wedding. Jacqueline Rae Souza, 31, has been booked on suspicion of second-degree murder. DETAILS:

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During interrogation, she said that that night she and Brandon came back home from the bar, where the couple celebrated their upcoming wedding in Las Vegas. Suddenly between them, a quarrel broke out about the guest list. The man demanded to invite to the ceremony one person with whom he once had a relationship. The bride was suspected that the relationship between him and another woman stopped.

Once home, they continued to trade insults. But what happened next – no one knows exactly, because the suspect several times gave different testimony about the death of Brandon, so the police can not yet say under what circumstances the man died.

Initially, Jacqueline said that, coming out of the bathroom, she discovered the man was already stabbed in the chestwhile the door to the kitchen was supposedly open. Then the woman changed her testimony, stating that perhaps the man he stabbed himself with a knife.

Love my baby 4 LIFE

Posted by Brandon Watkins on Saturday, December 2, 2017

The third time, she claimed that groom had threatened her with a knife, holding it near her face. But later, she again recanted, saying that during an argument she wanted to run, so pushed the man, who fell on the steak knife.

24 Jul Jacqueline was released on bail of $50 thousand According to the court, the woman was not previously of record. Now she is in the process of divorce with another man.

The family of Brandon collects money to restore the body to his hometown in new Jersey and «bury near the house of his mother-and best friend-brother.»

Posted by Brandon Watkins on Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The sister of the deceased, Eric Watkins, was named Brandon’s most loving brother and oharakterizovat him as «one of a kind combination of «Ice Blocks» (the nickname of American wrestler, whose real name is Steve Austin – approx. and lover of animals.»

From 2010 to 2016, he worked as a specialist food service in the U.S. army. Every 3 months he was sent to Iraq.