Rabid Fox grabbed the woman in the leg — and she strangled her with his bare hands

Tammy Dubois out of town Pittsgrove townshipin southern new Jerseyalways loved to Potter in the garden.

The other day, coming in the morning from home, she heard the bushes rustle, but didn’t give it a value. «I thought it was a stray cat or dog. Besides the nearby state Park, where animals wander often,» says 52-year-old woman.

But the next moment Tammy saw a Foxrushing right at her. The animal clung to the woman in the leg, for a moment he let go and bit again.

Tammy ran to the house, but Fox caught up with her on the porch and again got his teeth into a wounded leg. «Usually I keep on the porch gardening tools, but that day, unfortunately, was not at hand anything suitable,» continued the victim.

And then she decided — with his bare hands grabbed the Fox by the neck and squeezed the fingers. The animal tried to escape, but soon calmed down.

«I could not do otherwise, no one was home, I’d be no help. Don’t think I like to kill,» said the woman.

She probably hunts wild boar with a spear like Rambo. Tammy DuBois enjoys being outdoors at her South Jersey home. So on July 18 she was on her…https://t.co/mvIC2OdjFX pic.twitter.com/vwcR7cmsg9

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After the fight with Fox Tammy called her husband and he took her to the hospital. The woman was treated against rabies. And no wonder: the analysis showed that the Fox was attacking her, was really mad.

We will remind, in Westchester County (new York) Fox has already attacked 3 people.