The neighbor killed 101-year-old woman in her new York apartment

Residents of the housing complex were shocked by the news of the murder of Marcia Morrison, who this month celebrated her 101st birthday.

July 24, police and firefighters found the body of an elderly lady in her apartment on the first floor in Rochester Highland Apartments. All the neck and the upper part of the chest Marcia was in stab wounds.

«This is one of the most egregious crimes that we as a community have ever seen,» said Monica O’brien, the head of the Bureau involved in the abuse of the elderly.

According to police, the main suspect in the death of the woman is 54-year-old Gregory Jesmer – a neighbor of the old woman living above her. The man already has multiple convictions relating to the theft in the large size and driving while intoxicated. He pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder. At the moment the police have not reported a possible motive for the crime.

Greg Jesmer picture,stabbed the 101-year-old Marcia Morrison to death

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Sandra fields and her children live in the apartment opposite Marcia for four years. She described the neighbor as grumpy and funny that she remembered his free spirit, kindness and generosity.

«She had a lot of enthusiasm – said Sandra Democrat and Chronicle. «She was like a grandmother to us».

Marcia was born in Rochester in 1917 and grew up in Nunda. The woman was married to Ramon Morrison, a veteran of the Second world war. She worked as a telephone operator at a local company.

101 well lived years, then cut violently short. Learn more about Marcia Morrison, the woman police say was stabbed to death by a neighbor in Rochester, tonight on @SPECNewsROC.

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Long was a member of the branch of the Cauldron of the Eastern Star, which was raising money for cerebral palsy. The old woman never had any children but had many nieces and nephews.

The woman remained active until the last days. In June she attended the annual event of the Keshequa Alumni Association, where she was applauded for a long life. And two weeks ago she celebrated her 101st birthday in a circle of old friends.