Murder suspect was caught during the rape of another woman, which also met on Tinder

27-year-old Daniel Drayton, accused of the murder of a nurse from Queens, whom he had met at Tinder, was arrested before allegedly tried to kill another victim. In addition, the suspect says he was involved with seven other deaths.

Drayton lives in new haven (Connecticut). According to the records of local law enforcement, in the period from 2011 to 2018, he accumulated a long rap sheet of crimes that included arrests for strangulation, violating a restraining order and harassment. He even served his time in prison on some charges.

Danuel Drayton, 27, the suspect in brutal murder of captured Queen nurse; NYPD seek other possible victims he met via dating sites

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Despite this, in early June, a judge of the Nassau County (NY) decided not to keep Drayton in custody after that was arrested for assaulting his former lover in the Park, Inwood. As reported a press-the Secretary of the district court, then an officer of the law could not have foreseen that the alleged rapist will be presented such accusations.

As previously reported to the, Drayton is suspected of killing 29-year-old nurse Samantha Stewart. According to the victim’s family, the couple met on Tinder, after which they began a romantic relationship, but when she decided to break up with her boyfriend, he took her life.

Danuel Drayton pictures,arrested for strangling 29-year-old Samantha Stewart

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A DNA test helped link the murder of Samantha with a cold case about the rape in Brooklyn Park Slop. The victim of a sexual offence identified Drayton, after which investigators managed to track the man.

It was discovered in the apartment of another possible victim, but in a different part of the country – in Los Angeles, in North Hollywood. According to investigators, during the detention, they found the beaten woman, bound against his will. Drayton allegedly raped her and possibly wanted to kill.

During interrogation, Drayton argued that involved in seven other murders – three of them in new York. Detectives have not yet found any evidence of his words.

In California Drayton faced charges of attempted murder, rape and detaining a person against his will. It is expected to be extradited from Los Angeles to new York, so prosecutors could charge him with murder.

The NYPD launched a full-scale investigation on the case of Drayton, exploring its history Dating to Tinder and other sites or applications.

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