15-year-old participant of the Hot Water Challenge was in the hospital with severe burns

Another victim of the flash mob Hot Water Challenge was a young resident of Indianapolis (state Indiana), watching a video on YouTube, where teenagers dare drink the boiling water or they pour each other. In 2013, calling crippled many children, and in 2018 in Florida, one participant the challenge had paid for his carelessness with his life.

Despite the frightening statistics, 15-year-old Kyland Clark with friends also decided to take the call. However, the guy did not know that it will be doused with boiling water while you sleep. Now he can joke, remembering the incident, but the scars are reminders of the price of carelessness.

«When I woke up, feeling the hot water, I had to break into his shirt,» recalls Kiland. He ran to the bathroom to wash the burn with cold water, but it didn’t help. «Then I looked at his chest — the skin was just hanging with her, and when I looked in the mirror, I saw that peeling off and the person», — told Kiland in an interview with WXIN.

Due to the evil jokes of friends, the teenager spent a week in hospital with burns of II degree. Now, the treatment continues at home. To fully healed, burnt chest, face and back, will take several months.

Mother Kilanda it was a rainy day. «To see her child burnt — badly — says Andrea Clark. — [But] it could be much worse: my son could die.»

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Meanwhile, in the emergency Department receives more and more participants stupid Internet calls, lamenting the physicians from Indiana University Health.

«When people say that they are trying to replicate [the challenge] won’t be affected — it is not. They will get hurt. I guarantee it, says ed Bartkus, Director of Emergency Medical Services at Methodist Hospital. — If you are offered to participate friends, they are bad friends.»

Now Kiland knows firsthand what can happen such «fun» and how important it is to listen to the voice of reason.