In Denver, a man staged a race on the tractor and bitten by a police dog

July 20 in Denver began like many are anticipating the approach of the weekend and was planning a family vacation, meeting with friends, romantic date… what were you thinking About that day 37-year-old Thomas Bush, we don’t know, but what he did became known around the city.

Friday, July 27 the police Department of Denver (state of Colorado) has presented an impressive report, where the entire week was about the testimony of numerous witnesses. The detainee was indicted on 23 counts, including:

  • auto theft, dangerous driving,
  • fleeing the scene of an accident,
  • resisting arrest
  • acts of cruelty to a police dog.

The misadventures of Thomas Bush began in the evening of July 20 in Lakewood, under Denver. About 17.20 at the intersection of Colfax Avenue and Kipling Street he stole a jeep. After 20 minutes, 700 or 800 block of Water Street, the man «moved» on the tow truck and then suited a major accident.

A collision with a Subaru did not cool the ardor of the Bush: a few minutes, the police spotted «rider» on Interstate 25, where it head-on collided with another car. All participants in the accident received serious injuries. The culprit fled the scene on foot.

18.45: Bush comes to Facility Denver Water 1600 W. 12th Avenue and stealing a tractor John Deere worth more than $70 thousand.

20.18: a man enters on the scene and in an attempt to steal breaks pricey (worth $250 thousand) 20-ton front-end loader.

In a few minutes on the tractor, reported stolen from a Denver Water Facility, Bush crushes the fence around the Golf course in the city Park, where tries in vain to steal a truck and trailer crack builders. Hearing the approaching police, 20.41 attacker on the tractor catches from the construction site run.

#Denver #tractor #slowspeedpursuit

— garbuckle (@gazucci) July 21, 2018

Police chased the Bush through almost the entire Denver. Stalking off, he almost hit pedestrians on 26th Avenue and North Williams Stree and demolished the school fence.

In the end, on the corner of 15th Street and Market Street, the police decided to go to RAM and stopped the tractor.

Police Injured In Bizarre Tractor Chase In Downtown Denver — HuffPost: HuffPost Police Injured In Bizarre Tractor Chase In Downtown Denver HuffPost #Denver #tractor #slowspeedpursuit — garbuckle (@gazucci) July 21, 2018. Two…

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However, surrounded by police officers, Thomas Bush and did not think to surrender. The man not only resisted violently during the arrest, but also attacked the service dog has bitten him and even tried to strangle. Fortunately, with 4-year-old Belgian Sheepdog now all okay, she’s back.

Tomorrow morning, July 30, will take place the second hearing in the case of Thomas Bush. How do you spend your Friday nights?