In California 5-year-old girl found in the lake severed foot

A terrible incident occurred on Saturday afternoon, July 28, at lake Buena Vista, located near the city of Bakersfield (California). A little girl vacationing with my parents on the waterfront and discovered a gruesome discovery – a severed human leg.

As told by the father of the child, his daughter was playing near the shore and enjoyed the beautiful summer day. At some point, the 5-year-old girl noticed in the water something strange. Intrigued by a suspicious object, she came closer to details to see the find. In the next moment, the parents heard a terrible cry, which immediately responded to the child’s father. According to his confession, for a moment he thought someone attacked the baby, but coming closer, they saw floating in the water leg. Judging from the appearance, cut it off.

Another witness, who was near the scene, said that the baby looked very frightened. Together with the relatives of the girl, he tried to calm her down and somehow distracting. In parallel, people called the police, which immediately cordoned off the surrounding area. For several hours police were searching for the body of a manwho owned a severed leg.

«It was scary. It is difficult to understand what happened here. Investigators from the homicide tried to look into the matter, and I tried to understand how it happened,» said Melissa Sheldon, Director of the recreation area.

Despite a thorough search, the police are unable to find the body of a man who belonged to a limb. Law enforcement officers also noted that recent reports of missing people in these parts didn’t arrive.

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