Crawling in the fish the parasite ruined the celebration of the 80th anniversary (video)

Dinner to mark a special event – the 80th anniversary – left are not the same «bright» emotions that are anticipating family from Asbury Park (new Jersey).

The unpleasant incident occurred on Saturday, July 28, when all the relatives gathered together in a popular local restaurant , Stella Marina Bar & Restaurantto celebrate the birthday of a relative. On the feast arrived and Jim Guini with his beloved Jennifer Morzano.

On the occasion, the woman decided to eat a dish of cod, which is, most likely, soon regretted. When Jennifer, after eating half of a delicacy, began to cut the skin of fish, she noticed that her food is something to move. Looking closely, she saw a thin and pale worm.

Not recommend to watch this video before eating!

Since the publication of Jim live with the parasite it got more than 180 thousand hits, 1600 reposts. In addition, users have left under it for more than 1 thousand of outraged comments.

«She saw the worm wriggling on her plate with cod, Jim told NJ Advance Media, as everything was that night. I just made a video because, in my opinion, it looked pretty disgusting, and we didn’t know exactly what it is.»

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According to Jim, the staff brought deepest apologies made the offer three times, but soon their table was approached by another customer who faced the same problem.

In your post to video Facebook Jim pointed to the group of institutions Stella Marina in which his girlfriend nearly tried a live parasite. But the administration did not rush to apologize. On the contrary, the restaurant accused man, who works as a lawyer in an attempt to destroy their reputation because of what «could happen to anyone» (currently post on the restaurant’s page deleted).

«If I was a plumber, they would say that I’m heartless plumber? – protested Jim. – This has nothing to do with any evil intent.»

According to Yelp, customers mostly appreciate Stella Marina from 3 to 5 stars. Visitors praise the delicious food and restaurant service, but they don’t like dirty dishes.