The former waitress returned the money, stolen more than 20 years ago

Carlota Flores, owner of the Mexican restaurant El Charro in Tucson (AZ), received by mail an unusual envelope, which was not only a letter, written by hand, but also $ 1000 in cash. The sender was a woman, who identified themselves as a «grateful former employee», combining in the ‘ 90s working as a waitress in this restaurant and study at the University of Arizona. In the letter, she admitted that during her shift she «put» to the cashier a few hundred dollars.

«One of the waiters, with whom I worked, told me to «forget» to put in cash money for a few drinks and pick up his cash. And for some stupid reason I did it,» — said the woman in her confession. She added that never before or after this event — did not steal the money, since I grew up in the Church commandments.

The woman agree that «was a terrible waitress» and I’m glad she was fired on time, but the stolen sum is not exceeded a couple of hundred dollars.

All this time the woman has not ceased to torment myself for a misdemeanor. «It took 20 years, but I still haven’t made amends. I’m sorry I stole from you.» She asked me to forgive her and accept as an apology $ 1000, which is the compensation for the stolen amount, and then the years.

Flores said that the letter was very moved by not only her but the entire staff of the restaurant: some even cried after reading the confession of an unknown woman.

Recently, Carlota stole a purse, and letter from an unknown woman returned her belief that the world is full of good people. Although Flores doesn’t know who this woman is and where she lives, the owner of the restaurant wants to give her money back.