In Florida, a mother drowns her 4 year old daughter in the river

A terrible tragedy occurred on August 2 in the city of Tampa (FL): mother drowned in the river 4-year-old daughter.

About the incident to the local police said passers-by. Divers caught a baby body from Hillsboro in a half hour — 20 metres from the shore. In St. Joseph’s hospital doctors said the child’s death. Mother-killer, 26-year-old Chakala Denson, was detained on the evening of the same day. She’s been charged with premeditated murder and abuse of children.

In Florida, a mother drowns her 4 year old daughter in the riverShakayla Denson
Credit: GoFundMe

The chief of police of Tampa Brian Dugan in an interview with FOX13 said perfect Sakalai Denson the crime can be qualified as premeditated murder committed with special cruelty, that is, as murder in the first degree.

Who will defend her in court, is not yet known.

Was later found a record left by Sakalou on the resource GoFundMe. The woman wrote that her daughter Jaheira was diagnosed with autism, she raises funds to fight the disease and will tell about the course of treatment.

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According to the police, the day before the crime Denson was stolen from the garage Nissan. According to the testimony of 2 witnesses, Chakala shut the child in the back seat of the car and went to the bridge at Columbus Drive. Leaving the car, she dragged the child into the river. When the water was the girl on the shoulders, a woman drowned her. The witnesses did not respond, not immediately realizing what was happening.

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