Officially! The Swedish Royal family moved to live in USA

To all those who have recently moved or are just planning to immigrate to the United States, I hasten to inform you the official news – the Royal family of Sweden decided to leave Europe and also moved to live in the States! Princess Madeleine Swedish, youngest daughter of the Royal couple of Sweden, with her husband Christopher O’neill and children (Princess Leonor (4 years), Prince Nicholas (3 years) and Princess Adrienne (4 months)), leave their country to live in Florida, USA. The Royal court of Sweden, commented on the relocation, scheduled for the autumn of 2018:

«The decision was made in the best time for the move. The Royal children are still very small and not yet attending school, which opens new opportunities in the USA for the Royal family.»

The reasons for the family’s Princess Madeleine to leave his native Sweden, officially not commented — how and why the choice fell on Florida. We only know that the family already owns a summer home in this state.

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Princess Madeleine

She is 36 years old, and she is the youngest child of king Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia. Her sister, crown Princess Victoria will inherit the crown by right of birth.

Sweden has always been a progressive country: the fact that she became the first European monarchy, which established the succession to the throne regardless of gender (even 1980’s), nobody was surprised. For comparison, in the UK similar changes to the legislation were made in 2011 and adopted in 2013.

Princess Madeleine, the third of the Royal children’s right to the throne, married Christopher O’neill in 2013 at the Royal Palace in Stockholm. She is an active member of the movement for the rights of children and works closely with the world childhood Foundation, the organization founded by her mother Queen Silvia. The main mission of the world childhood Foundation is defined as: «to Stimulate, encourage and facilitate the development of programs to prevent abuse, exploitation or sexual abuse of children.»

Princess Madeleine co-founded the organization ThankYou by Childhood in the development of programs for the protection of children’s rights at the global level. In the framework of this initiative, she also led the campaign #EyesWideOpen.

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Christopher O’neill, husband of Princess Madeleine

Christopher O’neill was born in London, in the family of investment banker Paul O’neill and his wife Eva involved in charity work and has links with the Royal family (drives a friendship with Prince Charles).

Today this 44-year-old financier, whose dual citizenship: USA and UK. After studying in College, O’neill began working in the companies of NM Rothschild & Sons and VennWorks LLP. Then she continued her education at Columbia Business School, where he received an MBA.

Believe it or not, but the husband of Princess Madeleine comes from a simple family, never had blood ties with the aristocrats refused to accept the Royal title, he was put in as the husband of the Princess. He did not want to accept Swedish citizenship after marriage with Madeleine, as it sought to preserve financial independence and the ability to build their own career outside the duties of the Royal family.

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Story is moving

This is not the first move of Princess Madeleine. In the fall of 2015, 2 years after marriage, she and her husband went to London, where he spent the last 3 years. In Sweden, the Princess went often, and even returned to the country shortly before the birth of the third daughter Adrienne in March 2018.

In the first year of marriage Princess Madeleine and her husband lived in the United States, in new York, where was born their first daughter, Leonor. In the Big Apple, the Princess focused on the new York branch of the world childhood Foundation. On arrival in Florida, the Princess plans to continue this work, while her husband will remotely monitor the business in Europe.

How this time, the Royal family resides in the United States – no one knows. The fact that, according to Swedish law, the children of the Royal family, claiming in the future to the throne, must attend school in Sweden since 6 years. Eldest daughter Leonor is now 4 years.