The man hit the woman, dragged her several blocks, under the trailer, and then tried to commit suicide

Police Department Aurora (co) has called the deadly incident an act of irresponsible driving, in which driver actions led to the death of innocent victims.

6 Aug 48-year-old Henry Wardwell was driving his GMC pickup truck, taking in tow another, and the trailer. Around 17:30 in the Parking lot, the man crashed into another car, where the 47-year-old Julie Powell-brown and her husband. The damage was minor, but instead of calling the police, Wardwell fled the scene. The couple began to catch up with him.

The man hit the woman, dragged her several blocks, under the trailer, and then tried to commit suicide
Henry Wardwell (Aurora Police Department)

After a short pursuit Wardwell, in the end, he stopped. The couple wanted to get justice, so started a dispute with the driver, approaching his truck. According to the witness, at some point in the altercation Wardwell turned the wheel and gave on gases. It is through such manipulations, the man unintentionally knocked a trailer Julie. Noticing it, he dragged it a few blocks.

Woman killed after being hit, dragged under camping trailer in Aurora hit-and-run

— KDVR FOX31 Denver (@KDVR) August 7, 2018

People who find themselves eyewitnesses to the tragic paintings, called 911 and followed the truck. When police stopped the truck, the man came into the trailer, ignoring the commands of the officers, and then came out, holding a bottle of soda and the other with the bottle of medicine. He drank the contents of both vessels before giving up. Then Wardwell said dies.

«When asked why, he said that just swallowed about 60 pills of Trazodone, – stated in the police report. – Wardell went on to say that he loses his house, he lost his beloved, he was paroled and fled with an accident.»

In the end, he said that his life ended so he tried to kill himself. According to police, at the time of the incident the suspect did not have insurance on the car.

Julie Powell-brown, the mother of 11-year-old daughter, was taken to Medical Center of Aurora South, but the doctors were powerless – she had no chance. Her relatives reported that she was only 3 weeks ago got married.

Wardwell is located in the Arapahoe County Detention Facility without right of bail. The investigation into his case continues.