Enraged, the metro passengers beat up the conductor because the train ran their stop

The NYPD is looking for 2 passengers, which killed the conductor announced that the train will proceed without stopping. The incident occurred at about 4.30 on Saturday, August 11, at the Grant Avenue station in Brooklyn.

As can be seen on the videos published on social networks, first an unknown man approached the window of the cabin of the conductor and began to shout angrily at him. After the skirmish he got into the cab to take the subway employee on the platform. He has failed to do so, but here he was joined by another outraged passenger, with which they started beating the conductor.

Grant Avenue Station Assault On A MTA Conductor… Also known as a fellow co-worker/brother of mines. When will the Assaults END?? We are “The Frontline” of the MTA must be heard NOW!!!!!!! Not at another funeral of a falling brother/sister. @MSNBC @Power1051 @’s hot97 @ABC7NY @fox5ny pic.twitter.com/mNXnLzRJnU

— Jay (@MrWillJHolla) August 13, 2018

The reason for this aggressive behavior was the fact that dissatisfied passengers have missed their stop because the train was traveling on the Express route. As reported by the police Department of new York (NYPD), 62-year-old MTA employee, who decided to remain anonymous, was treated for cuts and bruises. Law enforcement authorities continue to look for «heroes» video, which later disappeared.

The President of NYC Transit Andy Bayfront issued a statement saying that such attacks are unacceptable.

«I hate this vicious attack on our colleague. This is absolutely unacceptable, and we work closely with NYPD to ensure that the perpetrators are identified, arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,» said Bayfront.

The President of the trade Union of municipal transport workers TWU Local 100 Tony Utano also said that photos of offenders can now be seen on the wanted posters.

Enraged, the metro passengers beat up the conductor because the train ran their stop

«We’re fighting these criminals,» said Utano.

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