At the animal shelter, instead of euthanasia, the kittens froze to death

Bridgette Wilson from Indiana, told the Courier & Pressthat she stopped working at the shelter Spencer County Animal Shelter after officer animal control twice asked her to put a wounded, but alive kittens into a plastic bag and then send them in the freezer.

«I had to do something, – said Woodson. – I am very concerned about animals. If this is considered acceptable, and nobody will be held accountable, what else would go unnoticed?»

A former employee of the shelter was shared with the newspaper a screenshot of the exchange of text messages between her and the officer in the control animals. Woodson argues that during correspondence the officer told her that «a freezer is not less humane» way to kill kittens than euthanasia.

After the incident, she resigned, and did not leave the matter aside and decided to report the incident to the police.

The lawyers Council animal control County Spencer (Attorneys for the Spencer County Animal Control Board) said that they «recognize that it has taken actions that fundamentally contradict» their mission for the humane treatment and treatment of animals.

«In response the Council has carefully reviewed its policy and adopted a new course of conduct and procedures to address these unacceptable actions,» reads the statement.

«This is the only shelter in this city and many surrounding cities. I don’t want it closed,» said Woodson. «I just think that the guidelines and policy needs to change.»