The girl who went on a Tinder date, strangled and dismembered

Sidney LUF, 24-year-old resident of the Lincoln (state of Nebraska) was murdered on a Tinder date. A few hours before the couple suspects bought tools, shop Home Depot.

At the hearing, became known the details of horror stories, thundered all over the ne at the end of last year.

November 15, 2017 Sydney LUF wrote in Snapchat: «Ready for your Tinder date». The next day the girl did not show up for work, as well as at home. The parents called the police, and that started the search. 4 Dec Sydney dismembered body was found in several garbage bags in clay County.

Some time later, the police arrested two people: a 23-year-old Bailey Boswell (which is on a date with her and went to Sydney) and 51-year-old friend Boswell — Aubrey Trail.

Yesterday, June 13, the couple appeared before the court, both charged with murder. Arrested during the trial will be in jail without the right of bail.

According to court documents, in the day that was supposed to be a date, just a few hours before him, Bothwell, and the Trail came to the hardware store Home Depot. There they bought the tools, and subsequently used to dissect the body of Sidney Loop. According to the medical examiner, the death of Sidney was caused by strangulation with wire. Aubrey Trail admitted it, and Boswell helped him clean the crime scene and get rid of the body Sidney Loop.

About possible motives of the arrested militiamen have not yet been reported.