Crash of 6 cars in Queens: 1 dead, 4 hospitalized

The accident occurred at about 4.15 am on Expressway Van Wyck in Jamaica district (borough of Queens). The Acura crashed into a Toyota Venza, and as a result chain reaction in the second car drove BMW.

According to police, at this point the lady running another Acura, lost control of car and rammed the bumper. As a result of blow the car turned over, drove into the oncoming lane, where it crashed into a pickup truck owned by the division of national security, K-9, and Jeep Cherokee.

Chain reaction crash on the Van Wyck Expressway in Queens leaves one dead and four hospitalized

— QNS (@QNS) August 18, 2018

The passenger of the second car of the Acura died at the scene. The driver was taken to hospital and is in stable condition. Another 4 people were hospitalized.

The road was closed in both directions for several hours after the incident.

At the moment none of the six drivers was not charged. Law enforcement authorities continue the investigation.