The robber, forcing his victims to have sex at gunpoint, got 148 years in prison

43-year-old Rasheed Powell, who under pain of death, forced the hotel motels in new Jersey to have sex and then robbed them and raped women, was sentenced to 148 years in prison.

«Your reign of terror came to an end,» proclaimed the judge during sentencing on August 16.

Powell in March was convicted of crimes of 1st and 2nd degree. The court proved that

  • 24 cases of sexual abuse with aggravating circumstances,
  • 12 rape
  • 8 robberies
  • 4 burglary,
  • 12 armed attacks.

Man Sentenced To 148 Years Imprison For Forcing Couple To Have S*x At Gun Point

— ABB News (@abbnewsonline) August 18, 2018

According to prosecutors, in 2012, Powell for 2 months followed by pairs motels in Linden and Elizabeth (new Jersey), broke into their rooms, forced them to have sex with each other, and then locked the men in the bathroom to rape women. At the end of this hellish orgies criminal took away all valuable and left.

The identity of the offender law enforcement officers found thanks to a DNA test.

During a court session one of the victims of Powell called him a monster. «I hope you’ll never see the sun again» she said to the rapist.

Another woman said that her life was shattered after Easter Sunday, when Powell attacked her. Since then, she suffers from panic attacks and nightmares began to visit her suicidal thoughts. According to the victim, the rapist threatened to not only kill her but to kill her relatives if she resists.