In Florida in the tournament for video games, there was a mass shooting, has died

Law enforcement agencies in Florida reported shooting in the city of Jacksonville. According to the latest reports, several people were killed, more than a dozen were injured. Local police warns that in the area of the Jacksonville Landing area is currently unsafe, officers and commandos cordoned off the perimeter and combing the area. Carry out evacuation of people.

According to available information, the shooting occurred during a Madden NFL tournament Championship. It is a football simulator developed by EA Sports. In the video, hear directly while playing the shooting starts. While the screams of people, some of whom, apparently, were injured.

One suspect is dead at the scene, unknown at this time if we have a second suspect. Searches are being conducted.

— Jax Sheriff’s Office (@JSOPIO) August 26, 2018

«One suspect is dead, unknown at this time if we have a second suspect. Searches are conducted», — the police of Jacksonville.

One of the players in the social network Twitter has published several posts in which he reported that he was wounded. The shooting also confirmed eSports organization SK Gaming, stating that during the incident in the tournament was attended by their player. According to representatives SK-G this man is safe.

I am literally so lucky. The bullet hit my thumb

— Drini Gjoka (@YoungDrini) August 26, 2018

«I am literally lucky. The bullet hit my finger,» Drini Jock

The police confirmed that several people were fatally injured. The suspect was shot, but the security forces admit that he could be an accomplice. Local media, citing sources in law enforcement say: 4 people died at the hands of the shooter, injuring 11 people.

One of the witnesses of the tragedy claims that the culprit was one of the players who participated in the tournament. He allegedly opened fire after he lost an important match. However, the police did not confirm these words, and does not disclose the name of the offender.

UPDATE: Jacksonville Police said that when a mass shooting killed 3 people, including the gunman. He had shot himself. The culprit was a 24-year-old resident of Baltimore (Maryland). Law enforcement authorities have not confirmed information about the fact that this man took part in the tournament and went on the offense due to poor performance.