Mysterious night visitor in handcuffs frightened residents of Texas

Americans living in the County of Montgomery (Texas), stirred by a mysterious woman who in the middle of the night rang the bell of a private house in the village of sunrise ranch. The stranger was dressed in only a t-shirt and on her hands noticed the handcuffs. The police assumes that the woman is a missing person that could steal.

As told by the owner of the house, the night he was awakened by the doorbell. While the man got dressed and looked out on the porch, the street was empty. However, the prudent resident of the sunrise ranch has installed the camera that filmed the entrance of the house. When a man watched a movie, then froze: the video half-naked woman came to the door, pressed the bell and waited a bit, went away. On her hands were visible to the handcuffs, which further alarmed the Texan. It happened at 3:20 a.m. local time.

The man immediately called the police, sending the Sheriff a suspicious video. The authorities decided to publish the video on social networks and asked for help in identifying an unknown woman. Law enforcement authorities admit that a stranger could steal, but she managed to escape from the criminals. Some people believe that the night guest is a missing woman from Canada.

Police announced the mysterious person wanted. Security officials believe that if it wasn’t someone’s evil prank, she might be in grave danger. Detectives investigating the case, do not hurry to make any statements, because I study the evidence. The only thing known — matches in the missing persons database was not found. Now the police are going over video from nearby surveillance cameras.

Mysterious night visitor in handcuffs frightened residents of Texas

Police announced the mysterious person wanted. Photo: MCTXSheriff

Anyone with information about the possible whereabouts of the mysterious women, are asked to contact the Montgomery County law enforcement authorities or call the number: 936-760-5800.

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