In times square in new York a huge swarm of bees attacked a truck with hot dogs (video)

We don’t know if it’s right bees, and whether they have the correct med, but they were the real «stars» of today, August 28, in times square in new York.

Part of times square for some time the police have blocked off the fences — and all because of the huge swarm of bees that literally stuck to one of the carts selling hot dogs (probably hotdogs there are delicious). In the end, the umbrella over his cart was almost completely covered with insects.

Users of social networks also caught a swarm of bees was flying over the intersection of Broadway and West 43rd Street, near Hard Rock Cafe.

Authorities cordon off section of Times Square to respond to a massive group of bees that are swarming a hot dog stand.

Watch live:

— ABC News (@ABC) August 28, 2018

It is unknown where it came from Roy, as well as whether there are victims of bites, but the crowd of new Yorkers and visitors of the Big Apple were lined up outside the fence to capture the picture which is not very often you see in the city.

Later the police called experts on bees, which used the vacuum cleaner to pick up insects with a long-suffering truck.

The Times Square bee patrol is here

— Daniel Rubin (@DanielYRubin) August 28, 2018

We will remind, in July, the southern California resident was in critical condition after she was attacked by a swarm of wild bees. The woman was stung over 200 times.