Relatives kept a 70-year-old woman in a dog kennel and starved (photo)

The employees of the Police Department Malakoff (state of Texas) was arrested a couple who kept an elderly relative in a kennel and starved.

Now 47-year-old Leanne Darlene Anderson Castillo is in the County jail, but her civil husband, 49-year-old Tommy Lee Anderson, left on the security in $15 thousand.


Affidavit: East Texas couple locked victim in dog kennel; woman physically abused her

— KFVS News (@kfvsnews) August 28, 2018

The police asked the victim. According to the indictment, a lonely 70-year-old female cousin and her husband offered shelter, which turned out to be… a dog kennel. According to the victim, Leanne and Tommy Lee starved her to death, forced to walk on broken glass, beaten — and all this time filmed with debit card women money.

All of this allegedly lasted from January to 22 August 2018.

Other relatives tried to take a woman, but they are not allowed in the house, says the victim. When they still managed to get there, they took the victim and called the police.

According to the officer, local police Department, who took testimony from the victim, he noticed she had a black eye, numerous cuts on his legs and a stamp on their hand.

Similar scary story recently occurred in Louisiana, where relatives were holding 21-year-old autistic in the cell, causing have the ashes of his mother.