In new York city 11-year-old girl died in a closed car

On long island 11-year-old girl died after spending several hours in a closed hot car. As reported by the Suffolk County police, the tragedy occurred yesterday, August 28, at about 15.45 in Coram.

It is known that the mother (her name has not been disclosed), together with 3 children traveled on business. When they returned and parked at the house, everyone got out of the car, but 11-year-old girl. Why she stayed in the car and not noticed the native is unknown.

That daughter not home, her mother saw only a couple of hours. The woman ran to the car (installed all of the Windows in it were closed) and saw the child lying unconscious with blue lips.

The mother called 911, and while the paramedics were responding to a call, tried to revive the daughter alone. The girl was taken to the hospital, but to save her failed. The exact cause of death of the child will determine the forensic examination.

The temperature on long island yesterday reached +33ºC.

A warning about the heat in new York is valid until the end of today, August 29. In some areas it is expected to 104ºF (+40ºC).

State residents encouraged to drink more water, pay special attention to children and elderly people in the «Inferno» not to go out.