Police have solved the mystery of half-naked women in handcuffs, night frightened residents of Texas

Law enforcement Montgomery County (Texas) was able to quickly solve the case, involving an unknown woman, which is the middle of the night called the common house in sunrise ranch. The mysterious visitor was dressed in a t-shirt, and clearly could see the handcuffs. In the end it turned out that she was a victim of domestic violence, and her tormentor committed suicide. The story has caused quite a stir among the locals, who were shocked by this incident.

Police spokesman, Lieutenant Scott Spencer, stated that the woman was able to quickly identify. Her name is not disclosed, due to the nature of the case under investigation. However, the officer said: she’s 32, and that night the woman sought help after escaping from a 49-year-old roommate. Law enforcement officers believe that the man abused his girlfriend, by handcuffing handcuffs and depriving of freedom of movement. Probably he also regularly beat the victim.

In the end, the woman managed to escape from the tormentor. That night she rang the doorbell of a private home in sunrise ranch, got into the camera lens and alarmed the entire County of Montgomery. It is noteworthy that reveal the story helped the perpetrator of domestic violence.

On Tuesday, August 28, the police received a report of inappropriate man which threatens to kill himself. When officers arrived at the address, they found that their requests to open the door, no one answered. Once inside, police saw the lifeless body of a man. A gunshot wound and a suicide note indicated probable suicide.

In his farewell message a resident of Texas have accused a 32-year-old mistress of the tragedy. The man wrote that her loss was the reason for suicide. When detectives found out the location of the woman, then everything fell into place. She ran away from her boyfriend due to ongoing violence and persistent bullying. It was recorded by the surveillance camera of a private home. Now the victim is staying with relatives and comes to life.

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