Elk drowned, fleeing from people trying to photograph him

In Vermont, the moose drowned in the lake where he ran for the crowd of people who wanted to photograph him.

As reported in the office for the protection of wildlife, the incident occurred at the weekend near lake Champlain.

According to the representative of management of Robert curry, elk originally was able to cross the lake and got to shore, but was forced to return to the water because of the people who gathered on the shore.

The animal simply was not able to overcome a large pond. In addition, that day was bad weather, as the lake rose strong waves.

«I arrived shortly before the elk drowned. Called the rescue boat, but it was too late. There was a strong wind and waves up to 5 feet,» said Carrieres.

Elk drowned, fleeing from people trying to photograph him

According to eyewitness and local resident, Bernadette is the One near the lake is popular for Cycling tourist track, there are always a lot of people.

«Seeing a moose, they raised an incredible noise,» recalled Bernadette.

According to experts, the elk react to the threat, leaving the territory or, conversely, becoming aggressive. «I would advise people to stay away from the moose, give them a space in nature,» added Robert curry.