The top 15 features of Los Angeles, you need to know about before moving

In the state of California are moving primarily because of the good climate, relaxing pace of life and numerous opportunities to residents. In may the Federal government announced that in 2018, the California economy has ranked fifth in the world for performance, ahead of even the UK. The main contribution is the Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and San Jose. So most likely the number of people willing to move to California will only grow.

What kind of city we think of when it comes to California? Of course, about Los Angeles! This is not just a city, it’s a lifestyle, a legend. Most associations associated with Hollywood, movies and TV shows, friends since childhood. If you believe the Dream Factory in Los Angeles, there is practically no poor guys with the press cubes and snow-white smile worn on sports cars, rock a skinny blonde drinking coffee and without exception, they eat only organic food. How real Los Angeles is different from the painted pictures of the writers?

The top 15 features of Los Angeles, you need to know about before moving

The first thing to remember when planning a move to Los Angeles is huge and very diverse metropolis. In size it is equal to half of Rhode island. Here live more than 4 million people. And we are talking only about Los Angeles, and there are 87 more cities included in the so-called County of Los Angeles (Los Angeles County). These include Beverly hills, West Hollywood and Santa Monica. In local slang to refer to the region of the abbreviation “LA”.

Of course, if you move from new York city, at first glance, life in the southern city seem more «rustic». But isn’t this moving to LA, residents of Northern cities?

Few people planning a move to another city at a whim. Usually there’s a good reason or dream, which makes dare such a decision. Whatever the reasons that pushed you to move to Los Angeles, you should first understand that to make a living in this region can be very difficult. Every year thousands of immigrants come to LA in pursuit of the American dream, but after a couple of years back disappointedly. Let us seriously weigh the «pros» and «cons» before moving.

No. 1: Los Angeles is very heterogeneous

In short, the city is not to describe. In its structure it is similar to the trendy blanket in the style of «country», woven from the pieces of different fabrics. The only difference is that the blankets have clear boundaries, but Los Angeles has none of that. There are over hundreds of different districts and neighborhoods, radically different in spirit and appearance from each other. No visual divisions you will not see, despite repeated attempts to officially designate the internal structure of the city. Just walking around one area, you can easily be in a completely different just across the street. But believe us, you will immediately notice the difference. For example, the area of Leimert Park is a very friendly community where people not only know all the neighbors in person, but periodically exchange symbolic gifts in token of good-neighbourly relations. South Park in downtown Los Angeles, you’ll be mega-modern architecture, there are many bars on the roof. North Hollywood, located in the valley of San Fernando — a very quiet and slow area.

No. 2: Selection of district is crucial

From the first paragraph should be the second largely determines whether you live in Los Angeles permanently or not. Before you sign a lease for a property, or even more, make a purchase, highly recommended to spend a few weeks in the selected area. Give yourself time to feel its vibrations, to understand if it is suitable for you personally or not. So get to know their neighbors, to understand the local rhythm and already then to do conclusions. Most likely, during the «test spot», you will understand whether you want to stay in this or another district. It needs to fully meet your expectations, satisfy all daily needs — otherwise, the move threatens to become a nightmare.

The top 15 features of Los Angeles, you need to know about before moving

The questions you need to ask. Check-list

  • What is the Parking situation? In this respect LA is becoming more like new York. The city expands every day, so the issue of Parking needs to be addressed first.
  • What’s going on at night? It is important not only to attend a future neighbourhood in the daytime, but to stay the night. In some areas, the situation is changing radically, and this can be a very unpleasant surprise.
  • If the district public schools? What they level? If they are your kids?
  • If no own transport, and walking and Jogging are a mandatory part of your life — make sure that the area is suitable for them.
  • Does the rent or purchase of real estate standard of living in the area? What is the average cost in the district?
  • If you have in town friends or relatives, make sure that the new district has convenient transport connection with them — to avoid a forced isolation.
  • If the district personally, your family? If he is focused on families or is there a better place to live for singles in search of entertainment?
  • As in the new area to build relationships with neighbors?
  • What is the crime situation?
  • Is it easy to get in your area? Keep in mind that in some isolated communities, located high in the hills can be pleasant to live, but there to call an ambulance or the police will not be easy.
  • Do not consider only the most popular areassuch as Beverly hills. It may well be that you will approach less known, but more family friendly.

No. 3: IN LA it is quite possible to live without a private car

Despite its huge size, Los Angeles is quite adapted to life in the city without personal transportation. Of course, if you already have your car, no problem. In the city are sold and rented thousands of homes with private garages. But if not, buying it is not specifically required. First, in Los Angeles, the third in the United States the level of development of public transport system. By bus or by train you can reach any part of the region. Of course, there is the view that public transport often choose the representatives of the poor. But in reality, every day use of hundreds of thousands of people.

If you are not a fan of buses, is also not a problem. City officials took seriously the issue of arrangement of pedestrian zones and Bicycle paths. In LA there are several systems on the bikes. Well, in the end, then you can always call Uber.

Local residents say that to truly know and love the city only walking on it. If you are moving to Los Angeles alone, seriously think about abandoning personal transport.

No. 4: to get to and from work can be difficult

In LA there is no single business center. Most commercial establishments, where you’ll probably find work, are in completely different parts of the region. To live in such business centers are not affordable to everyone, and living conditions here, quite unattractive. What does it mean? You will have to deal with the famous «traffic jams» on the roads of LA: one of those items that must be considered when choosing a district. If you can get to work by train, not to stand for hours in traffic? Is there a safe and short Bicycle path in downtown? Or maybe your employer provides the opportunity to work from home a few days a week?

No. 5: Los Angeles is always great weather

The climate of LA is really wonderful. Not to say that the sun shines incessantly, 365 days a year, but the figures are very close to it. For example, in 2017, in Central Los Angeles was only 27 cloudy days for the entire year. The average daily temperature over the past 30 years is 75 degrees, which is quite comfortable for living.

Because of the fact that in LA there is practically no bad weather here and prefer to rent movies and TV shows.

No. 6: the Cost of rent or purchase of housing will be much higher than average indicators in the United States

To be honest, the cost of renting and buying real estate in Los Angeles «bite.» The average price of single family homes in the region of Los Angeles made up in 2018 for about $585.000, and such purchase can only afford 28% of the US population. What is the cause of such prices? Among other things, are a constant shortage of housing caused by a large number of people willing to live in California, and in Los Angeles in particular. Despite a 10-year crisis, the real estate market in Los Angeles shows no signs of falling. But the cost of rental housing can be called stable. The average rent for an apartment with one bedroom is $1.360 in 2018.

No. 7: You will get more than you expect for your money

Due to its geographic location, Los Angeles is mostly built with low-rise houses, buying real estate here, you will get more personal space than could get for the same money in new York or in San Francisco. A nice bonus would be pools and gardens, often included in the price of real estate. If you are not yet ready to buy a house – doesn’t matter. In Los Angeles it is easy to find a private house to rent that will your yard and garage, so that you, your children and Pets will certainly have enough space.

No. 8: Life in Los Angeles a ride on a «roller coaster»

In this city you can never make sudden conclusions. On the same day, you can experience the as the biggest annoyance in your life, driving 5 miles per hour, for example, and get the unforgettable experience if you travel to meet a pink sunset with shades of gold on the coast of Santa Monica.

It is quite possible to spend $5 on a Cup of coffee, to suffer from the heat at 110 degrees in October, or pay $2,000 per month of Parking in Santa Monica. Do not immediately disappointed to collect things, try to reconsider their traditional habits. Maybe life in Los Angeles will be much more comfortable if to listen more to those around you vibrations.

No. 9: Not all neighborhoods and suburbs of Los Angeles show on TV

If you go to Los Angeles to live with endless sandy beaches, dotted with branchy green trees, you should pay attention to such areas as Venice, Santa Monica or South Bay. But not the entire region looks like them. Many districts are located far from the shoreline. Here, too, there are exotic trees, and at night they illuminate the neon lights of the many billboards. But the problem is that without rain, these areas are fast becoming like a desert. But the rain in LA is rare.

No. 10: Living in Los Angeles is expensive

Everything is relative. If you are moving to Los Angeles from new York, then surely the level of spending will not cause you such surprise, as if moved from a small town in the North of the United States. But the fact remains – the cost of rent, gas, food and entertainment in the region are among the highest in the country. Dropped in 2017, the average level of expenditure for a comfortable lifestyle (including entertainment and training) per person was about $76.000. Of course, this amount will be very different in each individual case, depending on your habits. Many residents, for example, live with a much lower income, at the rate of $64.500 for a family of three.

No. 11: the Problem of «traffic jams» really exists

A view of life in Los Angeles not correspond to reality. But no idea about the «traffic jams». There really is quite difficult to get from one part of town to another by car. The amount of congestion and their causes can surprise even the most hardened residents of large cities. Get used to the fact that from now on, your best friend will be Google Maps.

No. 12: Underground is not always will help you to solve the problem of congestion

Despite the fact that Los Angeles operates the third level of development the public transport system in the country, metro lines is still insufficient to confidently leave your car in the garage and use for travel around the city metro. According to local experts, will take at least 10 years to establish a new network of lines covering the entire territory of the region.

No. 13: Los Angeles is a wonderful place for families

There are different opinions on this issue. Some residents of the region believe that living in Los Angeles is much easier when you’re a bachelor. But you only look at the number of museums, zoos, beaches, parks and centres for children, open year round, and make their own conclusions.

The top 15 features of Los Angeles, you need to know about before moving

No. 14: IN LA there is a large economic fragmentation

If to speak about totals across the state, it is difficult not to note the overall growth of the economy. However, this does not mean that, living in Los Angeles, you will never face economic problems. The city is very clearly felt the difference in income between the most affluent and the poorest sectors of the population. Most of the poor of Los Angeles immigrants from South American countries. They often receive far less pay for their work, exacerbating the gap between rich and poor in the city. Over the past few years, the number of homeless people increased by 75%.

No. 15: the adjustment Period in Los Angeles can take years

Los Angeles has a different style of life from other regions of the United States. So give yourself time. If you don’t fell in love with this place from the first sight, it is not necessary to immediately pack your bags and return to normal rhythm of life. The unhurried pace of the city is absolutely all spheres of life, so that eventually everything will fall into place.