In prison, beaten to death a dog from a shelter: what happened?

A dog from a shelter that was sent to prison, Warren Correctional Institution under the special program, was found beaten to death in one of the chambers. Now a group of animal rescue took all of their children from prison and demands to punish the perpetrators.

Last month 4-year-old Evie, a cross between a German shepherd and Norwegian Elkhound grey, found dead. The organization Joseph’s Legacy Rescue on his page in Facebook reported that, according to the autopsy, the dog died from injuries after blunt force trauma to her abdomen. As a result, was damaged her kidney and had bleeding in the liver.

«We thought she would live happily ever after,» he told reporters WKRC saddened Meg Melampy, President of Joseph’s Legacy Rescue. She told that Evie «very cute dog», which in 2015 came to the shelter with a broken hip after she was hit by a car. However, Evie was interrupted before she had a chance to find a new home.

“We are incredibly sad and it’s a rough time for us. Please understand I am having a hard time finding the right words…

Posted by Josephs Legacy on Sunday, November 2, 2018

«We are absolutely heartbroken,» said Fox News Krista Schneider Belcher, Board member of Legacy Joseph’s Legacy.

Although responsible for the incident have not yet found leaders of the organization noted that the perpetrators may be two prisoners who are in solitary confinement since, as Evie was found without signs of life.

Until recently, Joseph’s Legacy Rescue was one of many rescue centres in this country who have picked up some prisoners dogs from the shelter. Three dog was part of the annual programme, during which «prisoners, credible,» worked with dogs from a shelter to accustom the animals to the discipline, while others learned to sympathize.

«Like most, we were delighted that our affected dogs will train and assist the program… Our volunteers regularly were in place and watched the progress of the dogs and how the trainers worked with them,» added the group.

Joseph’s Legacy Rescue requires that the perpetrators be punished for the death of Evie, and the criminal-Executive system of Ohio gave assurances that dogs will not be with aggressive prisoners.