Writer, draws ideas from personal life, killed her husband, with whom she lived for 25 years

A tragic story unfolded in Oregon. Local police suspect Nancy Crampton-Brophy, author of the popular romantic detectives in her husband’s murder. She has been arrested, prosecutors announced the indictment. Familiar women are shocked, because we always thought that the couple lived in peace and harmony.

According to police, 68-year-old Crampton-Brophy shot his wife on Daniel early the morning of June 2 at the Culinary Institute of Oregon. How did you manage to get on the suspect, the police are silent. Witnesses to the murder not, the school staff that day did not notice anything suspicious.

Writer, draws ideas from personal life, killed her husband, with whom she lived for 25 years
According to police, 68-year-old Crampton-Brophy shot her husband, Daniel early in the morning of 2 June. Photo: MCS

But neighbors told reporters a lot of interesting things. According to them, Nancy Crampton knew about the suspicions of the police and was going to leave town. Due to the death of her husband, the woman almost did not survive. A few days after the tragedy the widow was in a good mood and even joked. Many people this fact confusing.

«She showed no signs of frustration or sadness. I would say that for her it was rather a relief, as if descended a blessing,» says the neighbor of an elderly couple.

However, friends Crampton not trust the police. Colleague Nancy, who knows her for 20 years, believes the police made a mistake. She says: the couple were very close and almost inseparable.

In 2015, Nancy Cranton published «a Wrong man». It tells the story of a woman who escaped from a powerful spouse, who in every way he humiliated and insulted her. Fans of the author believe that this story is taken from real life. Very Crampton-Brophy repeatedly claimed that he writes books based on personal experiences. Now, if the court finds a woman guilty, her life experience will be enriched by the sentence to be served in prison.

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