Passengers American Airlines defecate in bottles and bags due to clogged toilets

«Unforgettable» flight were forced to endure the passengers of American Airlines during a flight from Phoenix (Arizona) in the Hawaiian city of Kona. A flight in one moment turned from Paradise journey into a terrifying ordeal when people realized that the toilets on Board are not working. Shocked customers, the crew was asked to defecate in bags and bottles, not forgetting to apologize.

«What do you mean by offering me, urinating in the package?», perplexed passenger flight.

«Sorry, but they (the toilets) overflowed. This seems to have left very little space. We only have packages. I know it’s terrible, but guys do the same in the bottle,» says the female flight attendant.

Client American Airlines, who directed the video, said: during the flight, announced the problems with the toilets, warning that 2 of them are already closed. Passengers at first did not believe such a statement and with a puzzled looked at each other. Open there was only one toilet room, which soon was also «topped up».

The airline acknowledged that during the flight there was a problem. However, representatives of American Airlines blamed the passengers. Toilets are clogged due to the fact that someone of the people threw the diaper into the toilet. The system instantly clog up, causing General inconvenience.

«We very much regret that the 187 passengers on flight 663 was faced with this situation. Our team of customer relations is to appeal to all the people flying on that flight to bring our apologies,» reads the official statement of the carrier.

American Airlines offered passengers vouchers for travel nominal value of 240$. According to the company, this is enough to compensate for moral damages. However, many people disagree with this view of the situation and are going to demand more substantial compensation.

Fear: passengers of the aircraft Hawaiian Airlines survived 2 terrible incident

After a recent trip flight No. 23, performed by the Boeing-767 airlines Hawaiian Airlines, even the most courageous people long lost the desire to fly. In just a few hours the passengers of the plane survived 2 emergency, after which many of them needed the help of doctors.