His stepfather brought young children, shooting them with a toy gun shells with needles

In Wisconsin arrested a man suspected of brutal treatment of two young stepchildren. The police claim that the suspect used for the education of children toy gun Nerf Dart. Shells for his stepfather altered by equipping them with sharp needles and shoot them at the kids at every opportunity.

According to information provided by the state police, in the house live two little boys aged 6 and 9 years old. They were victims of a «savvy» teacher. About the brutal behaviour against children became known when one of the stepchildren complained 33-year-old Bryan Alexander to his grandmother. The woman at first did not believe what she told the child. However, when she saw the marks on her body, the boys immediately went to the police.

His stepfather brought young children, shooting them with a toy gun shells with needles

The man was taken into custody, assigning $1 thousand as collateral. Initially, he strongly denied the use of a modified toy gun, but since the police had irrefutable evidence of his guilt, Alexander confessed.

Father of the boys shocked by this story and hopes that now he will be able to pick up the kids from the house where they live now. According to one of the injured boys, their mother seen stepfather shoots them shells with needles, but did nothing. Brian Alexander had forbidden to see the children without outside supervision. In the future, maybe boys will give the father, if it is proved that their mother knew about the abuse and did nothing.


Deported from the United States a pedophile is back in the country and abused the 8-year-old girl

In 2013, the US deported Mexican citizen, Wilebaldo Garcia. The man suspected in the sexual harassment of an underage girl. In the end, the suspect was deported. However, this did not prevent him to return to the US and continue their criminal activities.