The jeep hit the mother of the alleged victim MS-13 near her memorial

On Friday, September 14, Evelyn Rodriguez, the mother of Kayla Cuevas, who died allegedly at the hands of gang members MS-13 a few years ago, was hit by an SUV near the site of the memorial with her daughters in Brentwood (new York).

It is at this place 2 years ago was found the body of 16-year-old daughter Evelyn with numerous bruises and cut wounds. Friend Kayla, 15-year-old Nisa, Mickens, also was killed, but her body was found a day earlier near the local school. During the investigation, arrested about a dozen suspected members of MS-13, the alleged killers can be sentenced to death.

According to the Associated Press, near the monument with Evelyn had a conflict with the driver of the jeep — a relative of a man living nearby installed a memorial to Kayla. The cause of the conflict was the placement of the memorial.

According to witnesses, the 50-year-old Rodriguez and another man were arguing with the driver of the jeep at about 16.00. At some point the car moved forward and ran into Evelyn. The driver’s name has not been disclosed, but we know that it’s a woman. She was not injured and remained at the scene and called 911.

The source AP has refused to discuss an ongoing investigation, but noted that while there is evidence and indications that the tragic incident is MS-13.

After the death of his daughter Evelyn Rodriguez didn’t give up and actively participated in the fight against criminal gangs, particularly MS-13, in your area. In addition, in December 2017, she filed a lawsuit in the amount of $110 million on administration schools in Brentwood, which went to Kyle, accusing them of criminal inaction and ignoring the threats from MS-13 to address her daughter for two years.

In may 2018, the woman was involved with the father of Kayla Freddy Cuevas in a forum dedicated to combating gang activity on the territory of long island. Evelyn said that her daughter «was a beautiful girl who had dreams, and they [MS-13] took her away. This is wrong. How these children were tortured and killed, unacceptable.»

Governor Andrew Cuomo praised the «incredible courage» Rodriguez in combating gangs and sent officers from the state police to facilitate the investigation of the causes of her death.

Reacted to the tragic news and President of the trump present at the may forum along with Evelyn.

My thoughts and prayers are with
Evelyn Rodriguez this evening, along with her family and friends. #RIPEvelyn

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 15, 2018

«Tonight my thoughts and prayers are with Evelyn Rodriguez and her family and friends«.