The couple, 2-year-old son where killed alligator in Disney World, was born a boy

Matt and Melissa graves from Nebraska, whose son is in 2016 were killed in the territory Walt Disney World in Orlando (FL) announced yesterday, September 12 about the new addition to your family.

The boy was named Christian lane graves. (Of the deceased baby was also named lane.)

Lane Graves’ Parents Welcome Son 2 Years After He Was Killed by Alligator at Disney Resort

— People (@people) September 13, 2018

The tragedy occurred in June 2016 at a Spa at Disney’s Grand Floridian. There is a deep lake. Also the resort grounds are crossed by a network of channels.

Near one of these channels and playing 2-year-old lane, when he was attacked by an alligator. The predator dragged the child into the water. Father rushed to help, he even managed to inflict with his bare hands wounds on the alligator, but he did not let go his victim. The remains of the lane was found after 16 hours.

Then the representatives of Disney World said that the alligator attacked the man on their territory for the first time since 1986. According to experts, since the middle of XX century the population of alligators in the sunshine state have risen to 1 million specimens!

Parents of a young Christian hope lane now, as the guardian angel, watches over his younger brother and sister Ella.