Patrol agent suspected of killing 4 women and the kidnapping of another

Today (September 15) morning, members of the border patrol in Texas has been arrested on suspicion of killing four prostitutes and kidnapping of a fifth.

According to the Webb County district attorney Isidro Alanis, agent Juan David Ortiz managed to hold after the woman he tried to abduct, run away from him and told about the incident to the police.

Update: Webb County Sheriff’s Office confirms Juan David Ortiz confessed to all four homicides. Charges: aggravated by assault, kidnapping and murder continuous.

This is the current scene of investigation into the fourth homicide along I-35. Photo shared by reporter @BreakingRudy

— Valerie Gonzalez (@ValOnTheBorder) September 15, 2018

Sheriff Martin Cuellar announced that Ortiz was a fugitive from law enforcement and was caught in the Parking lot of a hotel in Laredo, a border town about 145 miles (235 km) South-West of San Antonio.

Investigators are still trying to determine the motive of the murder, although Alanis was described Ortiz as a serial killer. According to him, the district authorities are planning to bring a man four charges of murder and one of premeditated kidnapping.

The patrol case is associated with a two-week investigation into the murder of two women whose bodies were found in a rural area of Webb. Early this morning police found a third alleged victim of Ortiz in another part of the County. And in the afternoon near highway I-35 North of Laredo found the body of another dead woman. Investigators believe that all of them could kill Ortiz, who acted alone.

Update: Juan David Ortiz confessed to all four homicides. He is a nine-year veteran of the Border Patrol, according to the Webb County DA. Still waiting on statement from BP.

This would be the second homicide investigation in Webb involving a border patrol agent from the Laredo sector.

— Valerie Gonzalez (@ValOnTheBorder) September 15, 2018

The representative of the U.S. customs and border protection confirmed that Ortiz is an agent of the border patrol. The media also noted that the man is a veteran of the service.

According to unconfirmed reports, Ortiz confessed to the crime.