On Cape cod, a shark mauled a 26-year-old surfer

Saturday, September 15, at the Newcomb hollow beach in Halflite (Cape cod, mA) had an emergency on the young surfer from revere (Suffolk County) was attacked by a shark.

26-year-old Arthur de Medici with a friend were out surfing in three dozen meters from the shore on bugiardo. As told by a local fisherman and surfer Joe Booth, in some point he saw that the guy kicked something under the water, and after a moment, the surface flashed a shark’s tail. Booth realized that this was serious when the other guy swam to the shore, clasping his wounded comrade.

People on the beach helped pull the victim out of the water, someone tried to put him in harness. Arrived on call the paramedics held Arthur Medici cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and promptly delivered it to the hospital in Hyannis. Unfortunately, from the received traumas the young man died.

The what kind of shark attacked the surfer and injuries which he received, not reported.

Police and rescue vehicles fill the parking lot at Newcomb Hollow Beach in Wellfleet after a man in his twenties was fatally attacked by a shark there. @capecodtimes pic.twitter.com/oIgmqc3gjQ

— Steve Heaslip (@cctphoto) September 15, 2018

«Cars of rescuers and police filled the Parking lot at Newcomb hollow beach in Welfleet in connection with the death of 20-year-old boy being attacked by a shark.»

The beach in Welfleet popular among surfers. The summer season has ended and the rescuers are no longer on duty, but last Saturday was Sunny weather and the beach was crowded. After the tragic incident, the beach day closed for swimming.

Since 1936, this is the first in Massachusetts death due to shark attack.

Before Saturday’s incident a shark attack on a person (the first on Cape cod since 2012) was registered on 15 Aug. Then marine predator grabbed 61-year-old William Lytton bathing near Longnook beach (Truro). The man kept his head and remembering the documentary, which focuses on the weak points of the sharks, hit the fish with his fist on the gills. It saved his life. Now William Lytton is undergoing treatment in a hospital in Boston.

And at the end of July on Cape cod, off the coast of Nauset beach, the shark was hunted for seals right in the midst of a group of surfers.