In North Carolina, looters ransacked the store Family Dollar

While hurricane «Florence» has forced many residents of North Carolina to close their houses, stores and shops and go to a safe place on the «path hunting» came the looters. So, on Saturday, September 15, the robbers emptied the closed shop Family Dollar in the city of Wilmington.

The police immediately arrived at the scene — turns out, opposition by the management of the store. The police Department of Wilmington (Wilmington PD) published in Twitter an appropriate statement:

NEWS ALERT — We are aware of the looting occurring at the Family Dollar Store at 13th & Greenfield Sts, unfortunately management has asked not to intervene at this time.

— Wilmington Police (@WilmingtonPD) September 15, 2018

«We know about the robbery at the Family Dollar store on [corner of the] 13th and Greenfield Streets. Unfortunately, the leadership [of the store] was asked not to intervene.»

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: @WilmingtonPD has alerted for some looting happening in #Wilmington including at this Family Dollar Store at 13th & Greenfield Sts. We just passed by and shot some video

— Marta Dhanis (@MartaDhanis) September 15, 2018

«The police Department of Wilmington has warned that in Wilmington, including the Family Dollar store on [the corner] 13th and Greenfield Streets, committed several robberies. We just drove by and shot a video».

As noted by the assistant police chief Mitch Cunningham, law enforcement «is very serious about looting,» and members of «any robbery» answer for their actions to the fullest extent of the law. Currently investigating the robbery of Dollar General on the corner of 5th and Dawson Streets — 5 looters have already been identified and arrested.

After learning about looting during natural disasters, district attorney Ben David repeated his statement, which he made before the release of «Florence» on the coast: «In our cell there are empty seats».

To increase the number of «free places» for those who decide to cash in on a universal trouble, the city authorities have made original castling: some of the arrested were released on bail, someone was transferred to other places of detention.

In the beginning of the robberies for the blocks between 13th, 14th, Greenfield and Martin Streets has increased the curfew time is from 17.00 to 06.00. For all other areas of Wilmington curfew still starts at 22.00.

As for the plundering of Family Dollar, the owner finally agreed to give a statement to the police. therefore, all the looters, who will be able to identify in the course of the investigation, will be severely punished.

And that the day of reckoning will come, even if not immediately, we have no doubt. So, a woman robbed a house during a hurricane «Irma», was arrested a few months later — it was given in the butt.