The baby, who was beaten father, a teenager, died

The baby, who was beaten father, a teenager, died

At sixteen-monthly girl her own dad severely beaten in fathers Day, has died, as reported on Friday, the staff of the hospital.

Neil Lewis was in critical condition since last Sunday. She was hospitalized with a fractured skull in two places and bruises all over her body.

Her father, Shaquan Taylor, 19, was charged with assault on an infant in an apartment in Coney Island. Police said he was sitting with his daughter when her mother, Tammy Lewis, came into the apartment and noticed the child in the dream can hardly breathe and her face bruised.

Lewis tried to take the baby in and out with apartments, but Taylor kicked her in the face. Neal took a friend Taylor, when he continued to beat the girl’s mother.

Taylor was arrested on Sunday. First he was threatened with prosecution in the second degree, heinous crimes, but I guess now he’ll be charged in the death of a child.

Earlier, the judge also announced a restraining order and Taylor was not allowed to approach the daughter.