The workers decided to place the whale in a… trash can (video)

To move a dead whale weighing in at 1.8 t in the trash — it really was not the best idea. Man, watching «loading», took video, as the 5-metre carcass roll off container and roll on the ground.

Whale — the minke whale — washed up on the shore of the island of shoals in new Hampshire. On the floor were traces of wounds. To determine the cause of death of the animal, experts from the National oceanic and atmospheric administration (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) had to take him to the lab for autopsy.

To do this, they hired workers who decided to use a backhoe to place the whale in the dumpster. How it ended — you already know. Later on a scene have brought a bigger container.

Yikes. The dead minke whale found on Jenness Beach didn’t fit in the dumpster. @UnionLeader

— Jason Schreiber (@Schreibernews) September 17, 2018

According to marine biologists, 2017 on the Atlantic coast from South Carolina to Maine were discovered dead an unprecedented number of minke whales and 27 of them! 16 carcasses of minke whales found from the beginning of 2018.